About EvenMagic

EvenMagic is a company which specialize in Wholesale and Retail Fashion Jewelry, Products including all kinds of Necklaces,
Chains, Pendants, Rings,Bracelets, Bangles, Earrings, Brooches, Jewelry sets, and other Fashion Accessories for Men and Women.

EvenMagic was born out of a passion for creating perfect. From the very beginning, we focus on providing high quality products
that meet international standards, and also providing high efficient service to our customers. We always try our best to make
our customers enjoy the best and pleasant shopping with us.

EvenMagic prides itself on offering on-trend and affordable jewelry to both women and teens, that won’t break the bank. We
are always try to stay on top of the latest fashion trends from around the globe while rapidly bringing the latest Fashion
Jewelry to the market.Our mission is make EvenMagic as your first choice to buy jewelry, and make you looks perfect and charming.

Just take a look around, you will find something cool!


The Story of EvenMagic

It was the first time I kissing with her
When my lips was about to touched her lips, she stopped me suddenly
I was confused and wondered why she was stopped me
She just took out three Candies from her pocket
I still remember the brand name of that Candy called EvenMagic
She ask me to pick one from Strawberry flavor, Apple flavor and Lychee flavor candy
I picked the Strawberry flavor and ask her why?
She did not say anything, just unpack the candy and put it into her mouth
Then come to kissing me abruptly
we just kissing in a sweet strawberry flavor for a long time

After that she told me:
Life’s so long, I do not have confidence to make you remember me forever
But since you like to eat strawberry flavor candy, I can only let you remember the flavor of our kissing
is strawberry, and whenever you eat strawberry things you will remember the taste of kissing me.

We broke up in 2 years, and every time when I eat strawberry stuffs I will always remember her and just
like I am kissing with her.
If I have a chance to meet her again, I really want to tell her that the life’s so long
but maybe I will remember you for a life time.

After her I had 2 girlfriends, but none of them helped me out of that
The time also didnot cure my lovesickness
One day, I can no longer suppress the feelings of my heart
So I decided to looking for her and with her forever
Lastly, I got her information from one of her friends
and known she quit her job to another city and start to running a Fashion Jewelry Shop after we broke up.

By 36 hours trip I meet her finally in a sunny day at her city
I asked, when I see her, do you still remember the flavor of strawberry?
Yes, sure I still remember, she answered with tears in her eyes, that’s why I give my Jewelry Shop a same
name – the “EvenMagic”